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Achieving Massive Scale with Vitess

July 15, 2018
Adrianna Tan

As some of you know, PlanetScale was founded by the creators and maintainers of the open source Vitess.io project. Though we've only just begun, we aim to continue providing resources to the Vitess project so that the project continues to flourish.

Together with our friends at Slack, we are proud to present the first Vitess meetup in the world: Achieving Massive Scale with Vitess. Come join us at Slack's office in San Francisco to meet the creators, maintainers, fans and users of Vitess. Hear about best practices from real life Vitess users, or get hands-on demos from Vitess creators and contributors, and see how Vitess can help you reach massive scale.

Food, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. Please RSVP ahead of time!

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