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Breakdown: Percona Live EU 2019

October 20, 2019
Lucy Burns

We’re always excited to connect with people at Percona Live and this year’s Percona Live Europe in Amsterdam was no exception. We had the opportunity to participate as Gold Sponsors this time and loved getting to chat with attendees about Vitess and our Cloud Database (coming soon!).

PlanetScale at PerconaLive EU

Peter Zaitsev kicked off the conference with a keynote on the state of open source databases and shared the results of the Open Source Data Management Software Survey. From the results, it’s clear that multi-cloud strategies/hybridized environments are becoming more popular, validating our multi-cloud database-as-a-service product.

Morgan Tocker, our Community Development Manager, gave a session on “My First 90 Days with Vitess” to a packed room; seeing all the interest in Vitess never gets old! Sugu Sougoumarane, PlanetScale CTO and CoFounder, highlighted what makes Vitess such a great solution for running databases on Kubernetes in his session “Vitess: Running Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes.” Through the talk, we got a look into why companies like StitchLabs, Nozzle, JD.com and Hubspot choose to deploy Vitess on Kubernetes.

Morgan Tocker

We were thrilled to have Guido Iaquinti share Slack’s plan to consolidate Vitess as their single database solution by mid/end of next year as a part of his thoughtful talk “Strength in Numbers: Slack’s Database Architecture". Slack has been an influential early adopter of Vitess, so their commitment to Vitess is a very meaningful milestone.

Guido Intaqui

When we weren’t enjoying talks at Percona Live, we hit the rainy streets of Amsterdam. We walked the canals, snacked on Stroopwafel at the open air market in Pijp, and marveled at the cyclists who were surprisingly unphased by the weather.

Shortly after an action-packed Percona Live Europe, we held our first Vitess Workshop and Meetup in France. With the help of CNCF Paris and our generous host Scaleway, we brought a three hour Vitess workshop to 25 developers in Paris.

Vitess Workshop in Paris

It was great to see so many new faces becoming familiar with deploying Vitess on Kubernetes. After the workshop, we held a meetup and connected over drinks and snacks.

Thanks to everyone who attended; it was great to meet you all!

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