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KubeCon Seattle 2018

December 3, 2018
Lucy Burns

We headed north to Seattle in search of gray skies and fresh ideas and we were not disappointed! It rained all week, and inside the conference we connected with lots of great people and shared our enthusiasm for Vitess and PlanetScale.

KubeCon Seattle got off to a great start with Vitess 3.0, a major Vitess version update, being announced at Liz Rice’s keynote.

Picture of Liz Rice's Keynote at KubeCon Seattle
Picture of Liz Rice's Keynote at KubeCon Seattle

Along with the much-awaited Vitess update, we also got a brand and website refresh. Check out our new look here.

Sugu Sougoumarane, CTO and Cofounder of PlanetScale, gave a talk highlighting the power of Vitess, and shared some recent success stories: Slack has migrated 30% of their databases to Vitess, the Square Cash app runs completely on Vitess, and JD.comhas more than 10k Vitess tablets running. Want to learn more about Vitess? You can review Sugu’s slides here, check out the Vitess Documentation, or join the Vitess Slack Channel.

Dan Kozlowski, Minister of Engineering at PlanetScale, led a deep dive talk humorously titled “Failure is Always an Option” on surviving failures while using Vitess. Although the demo title unveiled the consequences of tempting fate, Dan was able to outline the exciting ways in which you can anticipate and avoid failure when first implementing Vitess. He also led the group through potential points of failure and best practices for recovery in each situation. The beauty of running Vitess lies in the fact that even if your pods, nodes, or even data centers go down, you can feel safe knowing that your data is still reachable and not lost. Slides from his talk can be found here.

And if that weren’t enough visibility for Vitess, HubSpot gave an extremely well attended talk on how they moved MySQL into Kubernetes with Vitess. People are always interested in seeing actual deployment of cloud-native databases, so our friends at HubSpot gave a presentation packed with fun and great information about how Vitess can fit in your stack.

We got to catch up with many new and familiar faces at our booth. We just barely managed to avoid losing our voices after having so many interesting conversations. We’ll be spending this week recovering.

And of course, we made sure to eat at as many Seattle restaurants as possible. Definitely check out Il Corvo, Ooink and TeKu Tavern next time you’re in Seattle.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. See you next year!

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