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May 29, 2018
Adrianna Tan

Almost 8 years ago, a group of engineers at YouTube came together to create Vitess. The scale at which YouTube needed to serve its videos was the perfect environment for Vitess to grow into one of the world's foremost open source database projects. Now, companies like Square, Slack, HubSpot, GitHub, JD.com and many of the world’s largest technology companies use and trust Vitess.

There is plenty more to do.

In the last months, we’ve worked to explore and extend Vitess. The outcome, we’re happy to announce, is the creation of PlanetScale, Inc.

Our mission is to help you build horizontally scalable systems in the cloud.

Great for companies that have large transactional databases, are looking to scale their DBA teams or planning to migrate data to the cloud: let the creators and maintainers of Vitess help you get the most out of Vitess through training and support. We’re open for business — drop us a line at contact@planetscale.com to find out what we can do for you right now. We know that companies that operate at scale have specialized needs.

We’re also working on new products and processes to help you easily deploy, automate and operate your Vitess clusters. We can’t wait to share updates with you about our upcoming products. Hit “Learn More” in the top right, drop us your email address so we can keep you posted as new features and products are announced.

Stay tuned as we roll out changes to our website, product lineup, training and support services. We’re also available on various social media properties — tweet us, and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!

P.S. If you’re looking for work, or know someone who is, we’re looking for backend engineers to join our growing team. We’d appreciate it if you can pass it on to someone who’d be a great fit.

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