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PlanetScale at PerconaLive 2019

May 26, 2019
Lucy Burns

We’ll be heading to PerconaLive in Austin this week!

We’re excited to have the opportunity to share the power of Vitess at PerconaLive.

Catch Sugu Sougoumarane giving a talk on Vitess – Running Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes Wednesday at 2pm. He’ll be unveiling a super exciting new Vitess feature, vReplication, that allows for the creation of sharded materialized views and live sharding key changes. You won’t want to miss this talk!

Join us for the Community Dinner on the Wednesday evening and get a chance to experience Austin’s skyline from the river (did we mention it’s on a boat?!) and catch a glimpse of the famous bat colonies. Sign up here!

And if you’d like to connect at PerconaLive, feel free to reach out. We’re looking forward to connecting with our community.

We hope to see you there!

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