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PlanetScale CNDb renamed to PlanetScaleDB

March 5, 2020
Lucy Burns

Our database-as-a-service has a new name, PlanetScaleDB. We had considered the PlanetScaleDB name previously but when we rolled out our cloud native database we thought “CNDb” would better describe our offering and that emphasizing “cloud native” would be critical. In the spirit of learning, we realized that “PlanetScaleDB” is more memorable and this name aligns better with our brand.

We’re excited about our product roadmap as we work with our customers and partners to add new features. Stay tuned here or on Twitter to get updates on PlanetScaleDB, the only database-as-a-service powered by open source Vitess.

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Haiku - PlanetScaleDB, New name for our database, Still cloud native? Yes!
Haiku :-)

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