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Vitess Meetups: From San Francisco to Hangzhou

July 21, 2019
Lucy Burns

It’s been an exciting couple of months for Vitess; the PlanetScale team has been hard at work spreading the news about new features, new community leaders, and the upcoming Cloud Database launch!

In June, PlanetScale engineer Toliver Jue, had the opportunity to introduce Vitess at meetups in both Tokyo, Japan and Hangzhou, China. Toliver spoke at the Japan Container Days Meetup in Tokyo, and we were excited to see how many attendees had already heard about Vitess and all of the enthusiasm for learning more about Vitess.

Japan Vitess Meetup

In Hangzhou, Toliver joined the Distributed Database Technology Forum and shared Vitess's key features with a new audience. For those of you who read Mandarin, here is a great summary of the event.

On July 11th, we co-hosted a Vitess Meetup at Slack in San Francisco with a great lineup of speakers. Rafael Chacon, Staff Software Engineer at Slack, shared Slack’s journey “Deploying Multi-Cell Vitess” reminding us of the fact that complex systems fail and that we must design for resilience. Slack is now running 30% of their traffic through Vitess.

David Weiztman, Software Engineer at Pinterest, led us through Pinterest’s process of getting started with Vitess, from the initial vetting process to full deployment.

Pinterest is now running all of their advertising campaign management through Vitess! Watch the full presentation here.

PlanetScale engineer and Vitess contributor Deepthi Sigireddi provided an update on the new Vitess features, including the most recent feature she developed, Xtrabackup, and a sneak peak at what’s next on the Vitess roadmap.

Sugu Sougoumarane, PlanetScale CoFounder and CTO, presented a demo on VReplication, Vitess’s latest and most powerful product, which includes our favorite “the regret feature” that allows Vitess users to migrate to a better sharding key as needed.

For those who couldn’t attend the Meetup, Sugu gave a similar talk as a part of the CNCF Webinar series on July 16th, which can be viewed here. We were delighted to have an engaged audience of more than 100 people, and we’re already looking forward to the next CNCF webinar.

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And be sure to check out the open source Vitess Community on Slack if you’re interested in getting started with Vitess.

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