PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes

Easily deploy PlanetScaleDB on your existing Kubernetes instance

Do you already run your application servers in Kubernetes? What about your databases? Do they still run on exotic machines outside of Kubernetes managed the old fashioned way?

What if you could harness the efficiency of Kubernetes without having to worry about backup, restore, durability, high availability, and other database management headaches?

We've got you covered.

PlanetScaleDB Operator

The PlanetScaleDB Operator automates the deployment, management, and monitoring of single or multi-shard MySQL clusters and automate operational tasks such as backups and resharding. 

PlanetScaleDB Operator with hosted Control Plane

Use the PlanetScaleDB control plane to deploy Vitess and MySQL pods in your own Kubernetes cluster. Get the full benefits of the hosted SaaS control plane to configure, deploy, manage, and monitor your databases. Control the level of access you share depending on the level of service you want.




Eliminate overcomplicated infrastructure by running your databases next to your applications on Kubernetes.


Reduce query latency by running your databases adjacent to your microservices.


Let us handle software upgrades, hardware failures, and network partitions without application downtime. 

Security & Compliance

Meet security and compliance mandates by keeping your data within your company's network perimeter.

Ease of Use

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed database that you can easily deploy into your infrastructure.