Find the right PlanetScale product for your database needs.

Open Source Vitess

Get started with open source Vitess on your own. Join the public slack channel and get support from the Community. Need help with a POC or want an SLA as you go into production? Contact us for support.

Enterprise Database

License our control plane and Kubernetes operator to deploy and manage databases that scale to fit your evolving needs. Administer them yourself or have us carry the pager.


PlanetScaleDB is a fully managed cloud native database-as-a-service built on Vitess and Kubernetes. Effortlessly deploy, manage, and monitor your databases in multiple regions and across cloud providers.

Already using Kubernetes?

Use PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes to run a database-as-a-service in your own Kubernetes clusters.

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Database Features
MySQL Compatibility
Cloud Native Kubernetes Ready
High Availability
Table Migration
Horizontal Scaling
Connection Pooling
Hot-row Protection and Query Timeouts
Jurisdictionally Aware Data (Geo-location)
Support Period
Instant Provisioning
Auto Failover and Backups
Schema Management
Hyperconverged Kubernetes Deployment
Built-in Grafana Dashboards
Open Source Vitess
The database management software that scaled YouTube.
9 Months
Enterprise PlanetScale
Scale your databases with our Vitess offering and 24x7 support.
3 Years
A fully managed, cloud native database for Kubernetes.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

How Much Does It Cost?

Use our pricing calculator to get an estimate of your monthly costs on PlanetScaleDB.