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We scale as you grow

Overcome the limitations of a single monolithic database by horizontally sharding your data. As your data grows, scale up by splitting your database into more and more shards. Grow indefinitely without degrading performance.

Disaster resilience with true multi-cloud

Distribute your databases across multiple regions in a single cloud provider or even across multiple cloud providers. Failovers across regions or across clouds are a breeze. Failback to the original region with equal ease. 

Digital Transformation with Kubernetes

Run production grade databases in Kubernetes with the ease of use of a fully managed database-as-a-service. Benefit from reduced query latency by running your databases adjacent to your microservices.

Freedom from Vendor Lock In

Cloud vendor hosted database solutions lock your data in their cloud. PlanetScaleDB offers true multi-cloud, multi-region databases where the data is stored in MySQL. We enable you to migrate your data in and out with ease. 

Ultra Resilient & Highly Available

Automatically handle master failures and network partitions while continuing to serve traffic. Easily failover and back across regions in the same cloud provider or across cloud providers. 

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