Find the right product for you.
Fully managed, multi-cloud, MySQL compatible, database-as-a-service built on Vitess and Kubernetes that grows with you to hyperscale. 
Deploy databases directly into your own Kubernetes cluster using the PlanetScaleDB Operator that powers our cloud product to get the SaaS benefits of automated backups, durability, and high availability. Use our control plane or run with hand crafted YAML.
Premium offering for those who want to run their own database-as-a-service using the PlanetScaleDB software components. We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific use cases. 

What sets us apart?

Scale as you grow

Overcome the limitations of a single monolithic database by horizontally sharding your data. As your data grows, scale up by splitting your database into more and more shards. Grow indefinitely without degrading performance.

Kubernetes Native

PlanetScaleDB is built on Kubernetes which allows us to run on multiple clouds seemlessly. Use our hosted service from anywhere or use our control plane to deploy databases directly into your own Kubernetes cluster.

Globally distributed

Deliver low latency to your customers by distributing your databases in four geographic regions per cloud provider or deploy true multi-cloud clusters where you transparently distribute your data across 12 regions in 3 clouds.

MySQL compatible

Migrate your existing MySQL applications with minimal changes. Leverage your MySQL expertise for your new applications to achieve seamless scale and global deployment.

Highly available

Automatically handle master failures and network partitions while continuing to serve traffic. Failover quickly to another region when disaster strikes and restore your original configuration with equal ease.

No vendor lock in

Cloud vendor databases lock you in. PlanetScaleDB offers true multi-cloud databases where your data is stored in MySQL. We enable you to migrate your data in and out with ease.

Disaster recovery across regions and clouds

Distribute your databases across multiple regions or across multiple cloud providers. Failovers across regions or clouds are a breeze. Restore your original configuration  with equal ease.

Data locality solutions

Define the location for your data without adding complexity to your application. Deploy database shards in regions located in different jurisdictions and transparently distribute data to them without compromising your ability to view the data as a single database.

Operational efficiency

We take care of backups, restores, applying schema changes, applying software patches, master failovers, while providing world class durability and availability guarantees.