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I need a more scalable, cost effective alternative to my current RDBMS.

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I want to scale my database myself.

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Proven Technology

Built on proven open source technologies

Vitess, a CNCF hosted open source project that serves massive scale production traffic at large web-scale companies.

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MySQL, the most popular open source database in the world, powers millions of applications, popular stacks, and has been used as a system of record for over twenty years by hundreds of thousands of companies.

We built PlanetScaleDB on Kubernetes using the operator design pattern and created a standard Kubernetes API that makes it easy to deploy and manage the master and replicas for a single database in multiple cloud providers.

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Trusted by large web-scale companies to power their most business-critical applications.

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"We built Vitess at Google to scale, manage and monitor YouTube’s MySQL databases on Borg, the blueprint for Kubernetes. It is trusted by companies like Square, Slack and Github to run mission-critical workloads at massive scale. Vitess has enabled HubSpot and JD.com to run their workloads on Kubernetes. We are now offering the same technology to everyone."

- PlanetScale Co-Founders (Jiten Vaidya, Sugu Sougoumarane)

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Future-Proof your move to Kubernetes

We built Vitess at Google to run YouTube’s databases, ranging from single instance to massive multi-shard, multi-cell clusters on Borg, the blueprint for Kubernetes. As Hubspot and JD.com have proven, Vitess makes running your databases in Kubernetes easy.

Liberate your data from monolithic databases

What allows us to support the smallest databases to the largest? Meet shard, the unit of database within Vitess where we co-locate related data. As your data grows, scale up by splitting your database into more and more shards. Grow indefinitely without degrading performance.

Build a bridge from self hosted to multi-cloud

PlanetScale provides a platform that can host your data on-prem and then seamlessly migrate it to the cloud provider of your choice or a multi-cloud cluster if you prefer.

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We make it easy

We get it. Database migrations can feel like open heart surgery.


If you are running MySQL databases, you can migrate into Vitess seamlessly without application downtime. Whether single or multi-sharded your application will continue to treat your database as the MySQL database that you know and love.

No More “Query of Death”

Vitess is designed from the ground up to provide guardrails and automations which allow you to scale your data without scaling your database team. PlanetScale workflows make it even easier.

No Vendor Lock-In

We support multiple cloud vendors and even self hosted Kubernetes on premises. Run your databases adjacent to your applications without fear of vendor lock-in.

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Open Source Vitess

Get started with open source Vitess on your own. Join the public slack channel and get support from the Community. Need help with a POC or want an SLA as you go into production? Contact us for support.


Enterprise Database

License our control plane and Kubernetes operator to deploy and manage databases that scale to fit your evolving needs. Administer them yourself or have us carry the pager.

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PlanetScaleDB is a fully managed cloud native database-as-a-service built on Vitess and Kubernetes. Effortlessly deploy, manage, and monitor your databases in multiple regions and across cloud providers.

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Use PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes to run a database-as-a-service in your own Kubernetes clusters.

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