Simple, Scalable MySQL on Kubernetes

Start small and grow to massive scale.

MySQL compatible, globally distributed, disaster resilient, location aware. Powered by open source Vitess and Kubernetes. True multi-cloud with AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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Not all businesses are alike.  Here are some options to meet you where you are.
A fully managed, MySQL compatible database-as-a-service that will grow with you to hyperscale. Available across regions and Cloud providers.
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Run a database-as-a-service in your own Kubernetes clusters. Use the PlanetScaleDB Operator that powers our cloud product either with our control plane or on its own.
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Premium offering for enterprises who want to run their own database-as-a-service using the PlanetScaleDB software components. We offer tailored solutions to meet your use cases.
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Built on proven open source technology


Kubernetes is the emerging operating system for computing resources either in the cloud or in your own data centers.

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Vitess is the battle tested open source technology used by companies such as Slack, Square, and Github.

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MySQL is the world’s most popular open source relational database.

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Future-Proof your move to Kubernetes

We built Vitess at Google to run YouTube’s databases, ranging from single instance to massive multi-shard, multi-cell clusters on Borg, the blueprint for Kubernetes. As Hubspot and have proven, Vitess makes running your databases in Kubernetes easy.

Liberate your data from monolithic databases

Support the smallest databases to the largest with shard, the unit of database within Vitess where we co-locate related data. As your data grows, scale up by splitting your database into more and more shards. Grow indefinitely without degrading performance.

Build a bridge from self hosted to multi-cloud

PlanetScale provides a platform that can host your data on-prem and then seamlessly migrate it to the cloud provider of your choice or a multi-cloud cluster if you prefer.

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I've got specific database requirements for a new project.

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I need a more scalable, cost effective alternative to my current RDBMS.

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I want to scale my database myself.

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Looking for Vitess Support?

Leverage the power of open source Vitess with the expertise of PlanetScale engineers. We provide architecture reviews, prioritized bug fixes and feature requests for open source Vitess, a dedicated Slack channel, and SLA’s to meet your production needs.