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vtctlclient Reshard customer.cust2cust '-' '-80,80-'
vtctlclient VDiff customer.cust2cust
vtctlclient SwitchReads -tablet_type=replica customer.cust2cust
vtctlclient SwitchWrites customer.cust2cust

MySQL at Massive Scale

Vitess 10.0 is now available!

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Vitess in Production

Vitess is a battle hardened open source technology developed at YouTube that now hosts some of the largest sites on the Internet.

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Why Vitess

Vitess is the cloud native, open source technology powering PlanetScale. Here’s why we love it:

Horizontal Scale

Transparent horizontal sharding allows for an unlimited number of database shards without adding complexity to your application. Vitess has seen millions of queries per second in production and has yet to hit scale limitations.

High Availability

Vitess’s primary replica configuration allows for seamless failover from a primary to a replica when unexpected events occur.

MySQL Compatibility

Migrate your existing MySQL applications with minimal changes. Leverage your MySQL expertise for your new applications to achieve massive scale and global deployment.

Schema Migrations

Integration with pt-online-schema
-change and gh-ost reduces the complexity of schema migrations. Vitess makes it easy to track, control, or cancel schema migrations within a simple interface.

Materialized Views

Define materialized views that update continuously to capture complex data across shards. Perform real-time roll ups and data transformation without slowing down your databases.

Kubernetes Native

Developed at YouTube to run on Borg, the inspiration for Kubernetes, Vitess is ideally suited for running databases in Kubernetes. Get started with Vitess on Kubernetes using the open source Vitess operator.

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