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Videos: Intro to Vitess—its powerful capabilities and how to get started


    Last week, we launched our first video series about Vitess to help individuals learn more about its features and capabilities. For those new to Vitess, it is an open source horizontal sharding framework for MySQL, developed at YouTube to help them keep up with their massive scale. It was later donated to the CNCF and now sits among Kubernetes, Prometheus, and others as a graduated project.

    The videos feature Sugu Sougoumarane, co-creator of Vitess and CTO of PlanetScale. At a glance, these short videos are in a FAQ format and cover these topics:

    This playlist will be continually updated to include frequently asked questions about Vitess, lesser-known but powerful features, and fun facts from behind the scenes. You can find this playlist here.

    If you are interested in getting started with Vitess, join the Vitess Slack community, try it out for yourself with the quickstart guide, or check out our newly open-sourced Vitess Operator for Kubernetes.

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