Building the database of the future, together.

PlanetScale was founded in 2018 by the co-creators and maintainers of the Vitess open source project. They created and operated Vitess, an open source scaling and sharding solution for MySQL in 2010 to solve the data explosion at YouTube. They have worked on high scale systems at PayPal, Google, YouTube, and Dropbox. PlanetScale is venture-funded and based in Mountain View, California. We provide enterprise support for Vitess and also host a multi-cloud SQL-compliant DBaaS based on Vitess.


Jiten Vaidya
Co-Founder & CEO
Sugu Sougoumarane
Co-Founder & CTO

Board of Directors

Ilya Kirnos
Peter Levine
Company Launched
$23M Funding
a16z, SignalFire



Abhi Vaidyanatha
Developer Advocate
Alkin Tezuysal
Sr. Technical Manager
Andrés Taylor
Software Engineer
Anthony Yeh
Software Engineer
Bill Gordon
Software Engineer
Dan Kozlowski
Chief Architect
David Morhovich
Software Engineer
Deepthi Sigireddi
Software Engineer
Emi Tsukuda
Software Engineer
Harshit Gangal
Software Engineer
John Watson
Site Reliability Engineer
Mike Cronce
Software Engineer
Peter Farr
Software Engineer
Richard Branson
Director of Engineering
Sam Kottler
Director of Engineering
Shaun Verch
Software Engineer
Shawn Wang
Software Engineer
Shlomi Noach
Software Engineer
Sugu Sougoumarane
Co-Founder & CTO
Yujie Zhu
Software Engineer


Amit Likhyani
Account Executive
Azad Unlu
Sales Intern
Sara Manteghi
Sr. Solution Dev. Rep.
Vijay Nambiar
VP Sales

Customer Ops

Gary Edgar
Customer Success Engineer
Jacques Grove
Director of Customer Success
Liz van Dijk
Solution Architect & Field Ops
Marla Potterveld
Technical Account Manager


Lucy Burns
Product Manager
Raunaq Gupta
UX Designer
Sam Lambert
Chief Product Officer
Shaun Middlebusher
Sr. Principal Designer


Jiten Vaidya
Co-Founder & CEO
Karen Wong
VP Finance & Human Resources
Lori Clerkin
Executive Assistant
Rocco the Greyhound
Company Morale+Mascot


Cody Chasteen
Marketing Manager
Gretchen Malay
Marketing Director

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