Driven By Change

PlanetScale was founded in 2018 by the co-creators and maintainers of the Vitess open source project. They created and operated Vitess, an open source scaling and sharding solution for MySQL in 2010 to solve the data explosion at YouTube. They have worked on high scale systems at PayPal, Google, YouTube, and Dropbox. PlanetScale is venture-funded and based in Mountain View, California. We provide enterprise support for Vitess and also host a multi-cloud SQL-compliant DBaaS based on Vitess.

Jiten Vaidya

Founder & CEO

Jiten has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer and manager. He was one of the first engineers to transfer from Google to YouTube. He carried a pager for YouTube, and built stability and automation around MySQL. He has also worked at the United States Digital Service and Dropbox. Jiten enjoys reading and hiking in his spare time.

Sugu Sougoumarane

Founder & CTO

Sugu is the co-creator of Vitess, and has been working on it since 2010. Prior to Vitess, Sugu worked on scalability at YouTube and was also part of PayPal in the early days. His recent interest is in distributed systems and consensus algorithms. He occasionally shares his thoughts on his blog.

Dan Kozlowski

Minister Plenipotentiary of Engineering

Dan is widely known for his outstanding BBQ and pie. He is also the creator of the multi-award winning smoked chili and grandmaster emeritus of the most prestigious chili competition on the east coast of the US. Dan is an accomplished gardener with a thorough understanding of fruit trees. His specialty is apple trees, however with his relocation to Silicon Valley, citrus trees are now his passion. Bike riding is a favorite pastime of Dan's and he has a goal to ride to Alice's up Rt 9. Dan served as a technologist in two presidential administrations, helped with technology modernization for both large and small companies, wrote software to control aircraft carriers, and has been an early stage engineer at a startup. He is intimately familiar with the internals of the linux kernel and the MySQL codebase, but is still looking for the first patch to submit upstream.

Lucy Burns

Product Manager

Lucy joins the product team at PlanetScale where she shares her enthusiasm for capturing customer needs and translating them into easy-to-use products. When she’s not thinking about product management, she writes poetry (find her on Twitter), plans international adventures, and tries to spend as much time outdoors as possible. She enjoys cooking vegetarian food from the surprise vegetables in her CSA, drinking too much coffee, riding her bike, and when she can’t be outside, she spends her time reading—ask her about her favorite books.

Lori Clerkin

Fun Boss and Calendar Sorceress

Lori has been an early employee at companies such as CATS Software, Yelp, and Slide, which was acquired by Google. Lori then spent over seven years at YouTube and Google, working with the Video infrastructure, Infrastructure and Site Reliability Teams. Lori actively trains for marathons/triathlons, and loves spending time with her pets Rocco (a retired racer greyhound), and Coco and Sawyer, her two rescued cats. When not training or watching the Bachelor, she is reading about her favorite artists or planning to see them live.

Deepthi Sigireddi

Software Engineer

Deepthi is a Software Engineer at PlanetScale, where she focuses on open source Vitess development. In the past, she has built horizontally scalable supply chain solutions, and scalable mobile device management software. She is presently enjoying her first foray into the Silicon Valley startup world. She lives in Reno, Nevada and enjoys hiking the trails around Reno in her spare time.

Abhi Vaidyanatha

Software Engineer and Brew Architect

Abhi is a confused economist who enjoys writing backend code for various parts of PlanetScale's Vitess management software. Previously working for Lockheed Martin and the Department of Economics at UCSB, he holds theoretical and applied experience in data science, machine learning, and academic research. In his spare time he is a DJ, podcast host, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. He particularly enjoys barrel-aged beer, good pour-overs, and unnecessarily spicy food. He is a staunch advocate of proper semicolon usage, Oxford commas and overused grammar jokes.

Toliver Jue

Software Engineer

Toliver likes eating spring rolls with seven types of beef. Previously, he was at Google working on Google Maps. The next time you curse the subtitles in a YouTube video, you can thank him for that, too.

Anthony Yeh

Software Engineer

Anthony joined the Vitess team in 2014 and quickly made it his mission to help Vitess "escape" from YouTube by supporting external users and contributors with docs, scripts, tutorials, blog posts, a release process, and features that eliminated dependencies on Google-internal infrastructure. He also maintained the Vitess control plane components, going on call and working with YouTube SREs to improve operability, reliability, and scalability.

In 2016, he transferred to the Kubernetes team at Google, where he helped develop core features and extensions to better support deployment and automation of distributed, stateful workloads. He helped Vitess clear the CNCF due diligence process by showcasing its cloud-native nature and Kubernetes integration through live demos, and became a founding member of the Vitess Project Management Committee. In addition, Anthony is widely credited as the person who finally settled the great "kubectl" pronunciation debate once and for all.

Shaun Verch

Site Reliability Engineer

Shaun is supporting/building the PlanetScale Infrastructure. He's passionate about open source and making software that's usable/comprehensible by everyone, not just companies that can afford to hire small armies of software engineers.

Gary Edgar

Envoy Extraordinary of Customers

Originally from NJ, Gary recently moved to the bay area after spending a year in Seattle. Prior to joining PlanetScale, he worked at tech startup based in Delaware on the Platform Engineering team before transitioning to Professional Services. After working on-site at multiple Fortune 500 companies, he decided it was time to head back to a true startup. Gary is passionate about cars, coding and computers, and golf, not necessarily in any order.

Bill Gordon

Elite E-Web Engineer

Bill (usually called Gordon) focuses on front-end development at PlanetScale and works at home out of Delaware. He previously worked for a mid-size company leading a team to building a robustly featured custom reporting framework. He enjoys video games, traveling the world, his cats, and cooking. After getting a sous vide machine a few years back he is always looking for the next thing to sous vide. In addition to his hobbies and work, he will be (trying) to help his fiancé prepare for their wedding in the fall of 2020.

John Watson

Site Reliability Engineer

John is a seasoned SRE by the infrastructures of Dropbox, Disqus, and Mahalo, wielding a resourceful propensity to destroy toil with fire. He has a fondness for a good puzzle, be it digital or physical. You can often find John glued to his screen trying to eke out that last bit of performance, solving that 1 last problem, or closing up loose ends on a good mystery.

Raunaq Gupta

UX Designer

Raunaq focuses on all things design and front-end. Earlier he has designed for startups dealing with virtual networking, payment gateways and IBM Watson.

Jacques Grove

Director Customer Success

Jacques joins us from Google Cloud Professional Services, where he was the Global Lead for Infrastructure. Prior to that, he ran operations at Clover Point-of-Sale and TripIt, and also wrote the email parsing infrastructure at TripIt. In the earlier days of the Internet, Jacques worked at Sun, Loudcloud and Opsware. You can always find Jacques in the office by following the sound of his Model M keyboard, one of his collection of vintage keyboards and computers, which he enjoys restoring in his free time.

Peter Farr

Software Engineer

Peter is a living legend of sorts. He descends from a borough in Estonia called Peetri, the supposed origin of all Peters. He has 52 drinks named after him in 45 establishments. He owns a few islands near Mauritius. He sailed around the world with Elon Musk and Levar Burton. He spent an inordinate amount of time terraforming various parts of the world, specifically in Malawi and Liberia. Despite his extensive knowledge quelling geopolitical uprisings and mapping unknown parts of the world, he couldn't stave off the allure of the Silicon Valley. With his background on various planetary issues, he fit in well with the team at PlanetScale. You can find him in his free time (and happy hour) excessively sharing new stories about his worldly romps.

Shaun Middlebusher

Sr. Principal Designer

Shaun is primarily focused on defining and building the PlanetScale brand. While he's had the privilege of scaling with companies to the global level, he particularly enjoys tackling the challenges found in early stage startups. You'll find him spinning up design work for digital and print, producing live action or animating 2D video stories, and doing anything else that touches user experience. Shaun's aim is to craft clear stories that translate complex concepts through visuals and messaging for every audience. When he's not wrestling pixels or nerding out over typefaces he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, playing guitar, enjoying all the Bay Area has to offer, and dabbling in cryptocurrency investing.

Liz van Dijk

Sass as a Service

Some errant light fixtures ever so slightly illuminated the forlorn streets of Marrakesh... the atmosphere of every western spy movie ever. Sensitive Information was abound in the streets; someone needed to intercept, relay, and secure it. This is where Liz earned her keep. Working as a spy for multiple world organizations, she managed to infiltrate nearly every single intelligence agency within a matter of weeks. Through her exploits, she holds many unique titles, one of which is being the only individual to teach Gordon Ramsey a better way to filet hand-caught Alaskan salmon. Her trademarked attitude and no-nonsense demeanor have carried her to great heights, and now finally PlanetScale. While negotiating the complex social structure of European trade, she picked up a natural tact at solving problems for a myriad of different situations. In totality, she brings her trademarked attitude, drive, and sharp wit to the already stacked roster of PlanetScale employees.

Morgan Tocker

Community Development Manager

Morgan is based out of Alberta, Canada and works remotely from a home office. He has 15 years of experience with MySQL, and was previously the product manager for the MySQL Server at Oracle. At PlanetScale, he can be found working on documentation and making those small-but-useful contributions to Vitess to improve MySQL compatibility or ease of use.

Emi Tsukuda

Software Engineer

Raised on the mean streets of Toyoko. Emi learned early on how to fight for what she wanted. A natural leader she gravitated at first towards a career in culinary hospitality, and helped lead a number of establishments through the hyper-competitive culinary scene of San Francisco. Always looking for a new challenge she pivoted towards Engineering. Using the discipline she honed with her lifelong passion of Muay Thai, she dove into the software engineering world with abandon. Emi makes an amazing Salsa, and she dances an amazing salsa. Her life ambitions include visiting Spain, climbing the Matterhorn, and owning all the shoes.

Mike Cronce

Head Barbeque Chef

MC spends most of his days cycling, smoking meat, and doing home renovations.  On the rare occasion he takes a break from those activities, he does some back-end software engineering for Planetscale from his home office in Delaware.  Although he doesn't like to admit it, he is originally from New Jersey, having gotten out at the earliest opportunity - when he was nine.